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Meijer – First Brag & for stuff you can eat!


So my husband sent me to the store for eggs, taco shells, cheese and sour cream.  I skimmed thru the Meijer ad and noticed that they had Kraft Singles (12oz) 3 for $6 plus if I buy 3 I get a FREE 8oz pkg of the Kraft Natural Slices, along with their 10 for $10 plus get 11th item free deal**.  So I figured I’d take 5 minutes see if I could put together a semi worth while trip.  My receipt says between my Ad promotions and coupons that I saved $67.48 ($28.98 of that was coupons).  I paid oop $52.83 and I received a $10.00 catalina off my next purchase for buying 10 pkgs of Kraft singles.  I just wished I had more prep time and I think I could have done better, but I’m good with what I paid for stuff you can eat!

Sorry there’s no picture, I’m not sure how to get it from my cell phone to here :)

1-2.5# Bananas 1.30 (no coupon)
2-Flour Tortillas 2.38 (no coupons)
2-Sargento Shredded Cheese 5.96 (no coupons)
1-2 doz pack eggs 2.81 (no coupons)
5-various size Ground Chuck 20.26 ($1 off each wyb 2 Kraft Singles, so -5.00)
1-12 pk Dannon Activia 5.99 ($5.99 off)
1-3# bag of seedless grapes 3.29 (no coupon)
1-Meijer sour cream 1.39 (no coupon)
3-Kraft Naturals Slices 8.97 (1 free pack for every 3 kraft singles, so -8.97)
2-Wonder whole grain bread 2/4.00 (no coupons)
1-Shout Color Catcher 3.99 ($3.99 off)
10-Kraft singles 20.00 (used 6 – $1/1 and 2 – $1/2, so -8.00)
3-**Chex Mix 3.00 (used 1 $.50/2 dbl and $.50/1 dbl, so -2.00)
3-**Knorr Pasta Sides 3.00 (no coupons)
1-**Old ElPaso Refried Beans 1.00 (no coupon)
2-**2 ltr Sprite 2.00+ .20 bottle deposit (no coupons)
2-**5# bags of potatoes 2.00 (no coupons, but 1 bag was free)


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