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MISTAKE IN MY FAVOR!!!!! 32 sodas for $6.27

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MISTAKE IN MY FAVOR!!!!! 32 sodas for $6.27





sorry for the pix is an I-pod touch!










Here is what happened! i went to ralphs becasue i noticesd my coupons for pepsi and sierra mist expired today!!!! yikes

Pepsi and sierra mist 0.79 ea wyb 6

I made the mistake of paying for all in 1 transaction. so i only got 6 at .79 cents (i got nervous as there was a couple giving me a look for all the sodas i had.  & because the sign said express check out, as well, BUT i was told there is” no more express check out”  to go there) i had matched up all my coupons as i placed sodas in my cart! to make sure i had enough sodas for the coupons.

I left 8 in the cart after i asked cashier if i had to get all sodas out my cart(he said no) so i told him i have 8 in my cart! but i think he missed those. and return a few coupon has the machine wouldn’t take them !  so after i ended up with 2 more coupons or 4 sodas more , so i went an grabbed 4 more! paid for them went home!

I noticed i had too many sodas so i counted them, i had 8 too many ! i called & went back the manager is mean! i didn’t want to get the cashier in trouble so i waited for him to get back from break! in the end he sent me to the manager whom i dislike!  the cashier didn’t understand what had happened- in the end neither the manager. He is very sarcastic and a mean person! he gets on my last nerve i avoid him. as i tried to explained he would cut me off, at one point i said “let me talk first” so you will understand, he was a bit rude so i said” listen i came because it seems i got sodas for free i came to return them, and it so seems i also didnt get the sodas for .79 cents as per the add! but i can go home i shouldn’t have come,  but i am an honest person!” i’ll just go home!  i said. he was rude and said well it seems to me you got an even better deal when you got some free and not all at .79 cents! so i counted the coupon for the sodas i had at home kept 3 extras and bought 6 more at .79 minus 1.00 of 2.

so i have 32 sodas for $6.27 or 0.19 cents each? after coupons i got 6 sierra mist used $1.00/3 and pepsi coupons $1.00/2 on sale at .79 or 1.00! i got 12 at .79 minus $1.00 off 2 ,then the rest at 1.00 minus 50 cents each!

I was trying to return them and i got attitude, shoot!!!!!!!!! i took them home! he said well if our guy was and idiot to make a stupid mistake then is our fault…..   i thought it was stealing…..and that’s what i got… i really dislike Ralphs…..

i have noticed by trying to be honest 1 only gets in trouble! its just too sad!

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