This is originally the title got 40 worth of stuff but I accidentally picked up one of the special optic white (didn’t realize they were considered different). I also had 2 1.50/1 optic white coupons that I was able to print after signing up for colgate’s newsletter (got this morning signed up the night before). So this says pay 12.96 (or close to) I paid 15 and was wondering but didn’t think because I thought sales associate made a mistake after I didn’t get my 4.00 reward for toothpaste. She called the manger who was confused upon reviewing the receipt I asked why my toothpaste was so high he explained I had the wrong one. I told him I wanted that one and would need to redo the order he said he couldn’t because of coupon. Then said he’d do something better for me and gave me 10,000 point ($10.00)!!!! That on top of keeping the speciality coupon. So I ended up paying a little over 15 but got back 21 in rewards!! This was only suppose to be a 2.04 money maker!!! Not really saying to make this mistake just sharing my story!!