Used points 15.71including tax.
Got back 1300 points and some catalina coupons.
Qs used: Atkins BOGO, 1off peelie, Rimmel 4) $2/1, clear care 3off RA 5/1 MQ.
Trash bags regular price 7.99 rang up at 4.99 for 60 ct! 😀
Atkins $2.18 got 500 points
Rimmel $5.36 got back 500 points
Clear Care $1.99 got back 400pts
Trash bags $4.99


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2 thoughts on “MM items plus cheap trash bags at Rite Aid :)”

R the peelies mfc or r they rite aid coupons?? Just need help on how to use a peelie..i always thought peelies are mfc


The peelies that I always find at Rite Aid they have the Rite Aid logo so they are Rite Aid coupons. But sometimes I find peelies at other stores and they dont have a logo. This is my first time using a peelie at Rite Aid and the manager was the one who noticed it and scanned it