here’s the breakdown:

Allergra 30 ct $17.99
Nasacort 60 spray $12.99
Used-$4 allergra/Nasacort target coupon from
– $5 allergra mq
-$4 Nasacort 60 spray mq
-$5 gc (I already had a gc to roll) paid $12.98

You’ll need to go to customer service to price match for the next deal, because for these sizes the prices were a lot cheaper on

Nasacort 5 (120 spray) in store $18.19 price matched online $14.99
Allergra 15 ct in store $12.99 priced matched online $6.49(wow, 50% difference)
Used -$4 Nasacort/allergra target coupon
-$6 Nasacort 120 spray mq
-$2 Allegra mq from
-$5 gc(I had another $5 gc to roll )
Paid $4.48

Paid with red card so total for both was $16.87 out of pocket

Here’s what I earned:

2 $5 gc
$6 cash back from savings star for Nasacort 120 spay
$3 Mobisave for Allegra small count
$5 Mobisave for Allegra large count
$3 Mobisave Nasacort 60 spray
$5 Nasacort 120 spray

Then I bought:
Proganix shampoo $9.99
Proganix conditioner $9.99
John Freda spray $1.47
Used -$5 off beauty purchase of $20
(2)-$4 off Proganix product mq, from their website
-$5 gc (rolled from pervious deal)
Paid $3.45 out of pocket and got back $5 gc for buying 2 Proganix products


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3 thoughts on “Mobisave & Savings Star Money Makers & Great Deals at Target!”

I think it’s regional on as my online prices were the same as in the store. Still a big moneymaker if you use a $4.00 Target, and mfg on each item, and submit to Savingstar and Mobisave.


I did this deal yesterday and the price was $6.49 online, but it looks like the price as changed already.


Where did you find the price for the Allegra 15ct? I looked on and couldn’t find it, TIA!