I did 5 transaction 5 diff cards
Each transaction I used $3 coupon in 1 purchased product .. on each card I got $5 to spend each so at the register I only payed .55 each of 5 transaction and got $10 back on my card each transaction total of $50 which I only paid $2.75


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2 thoughts on “Money maker walgreens $2.75 out of pocket got $50 back”

This is confusing…Walgreens don’t give you $$ on their rewards card. Either it’s points or a register reward that prints off at the end of the transaction….


There was no sale buy 1 razor get $10 you should buy 3 items (cartridge included) how you did this? I tried to do do the deal without purchasing a cartridge just 2 razors and 1 shave cream and It won’t print the RR, They let you use multiple cards at same time?