Glad I made it to Walgreens last night!

Transaction 1

6 Speed stick 2.39 each clearance price
2 lady speed stick. 3.79 each
3 hallmark cards .99 cent each
2 simply orange juice 2 for 6

Used 4 bogo coupon
Cashier took 3.79 x 3 for the men’s speed stick
2.99 for the ladies
2/1 off orange juice form

-7.47 last weeks rr
(3/ .99 from gummy bears/last weeks freebie,and 3/ 1.50 from glade)

$7.06 oop plus tax
received 21,000 points= $21
So 6.47 money maker!!
3,000 for cards, 8,000 for deodorant, and 10,000 perk!

Transaction 2

2 diaper pants 8.99
1 pull ups. 8.99
1 wipes. 5.99
2 kit Kats 1.38
1 orbit. .79

Used 2-2.50/1 for huggies diapers
1 -2/1 pull ups
1- .50 off wipes
1- .50 orbit

Total was 27.13 plus tax

Received 10,000 =$10
Submitted $6 Ibotta credits
And received $10 rr for next week!
Making them $1.13 for 3 packs of diapers, large pack of wipes, kitkat, and gum!

Spent $41.66 including 7.47 rr from last.
Received total $41 in store credit(30,000 points and 10rr)
Submitted $6 Ibotta credit
So 5.34 mm plus tax!

Got the pasta at Walmart for .30 cents a box.
Price Matching and using a 2-1/2 coupon from ss 12/6 I believe.


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8 thoughts on “Money Maker At Walgreens!”

What items did you submit for ibotta?


Pull ups and diapers


Register reward help. Dose filler item have to be greater or equal value to other items?


They do not, but this is not the first time I hear this. My cashier tried to tell me this two weeks ago.My issue was that an extra app coupon applied, and I didn’t have a filler for that coupon, so we repeated the transaction and it went through just fine. Sometimes cashiers try to make up stories as to why coupons won’t go through. Anyways that same day I used a $10 rr on a bunch of dove bottles that were priced at 3.50, nothing in my transaction was $10, and it went just fine. Try to always check out at the cosmetics register, so if there’s an issue you’re not holding up the line and the cashier tries to work with you to figure out what went wrong. Your trasaction should’ve work, one thing I do sometimes is have an extra filler just in case.


Register reward help. Ppl keep saying Walgreen changed there policy. Dose your filler item have to be equal or greater value to other items?


Register reward help. People keep saying they changed there policy. Does your filler item have to be equal or greater value then other items. I can’t find where walgrerns site or others say this.Please help.


Can someone explain Register Rewards at Walgreen’s. I wanted to do this scenario:
Buy three laundry detergents 5.99 each
Buy one 0.55 gum (filler)
Use three 4.00/1 manufacture coupon on detergents
Use 4.00 RR on gum (filler)
Pay 2.52 total
Noe ppl are telling me Walgreen’s changed there policy. Saying thrle filler item has to be greater or equal value as other items. I have looked on Walgreen’s site among others and can seem to find where it says this. Please help.