I purchased:
2 Head & Shoulders 2/$10 sale price
Sally Hanson Miracle Gel $2.49 clearance price
3 Scope mouthwash $2.99 sale price
2 Colgate toothpaste 2/$6 sale price

I used the following manf. coupons:
$5 off 2 Head & Shoulders
3 $1.50 off Crest mouthwash
2 $1 off Colgate toothpaste

I received:
5,000 points for spending $25 on beauty
$3 RR for spending $10 on P&G
$4 RR for 2 Colgate
$3 RR for 3 Crest
& submitted a $3 Ibotta rebate for Sally Hanson

I also received an additional 5,000 points for some reason.. I’m not sure why, but I’ll take ’em! 😊 My total before coupons was $27.46 and after all coupons, rebates and RR (and before the 5,000 points I shouldn’t have earned) my purchase ended up being a $2.04 MM! 😃


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5 thoughts on “moneymaker at Walgreens!”

Hi…I’m a new for this coupon user,I only know coupon from CL,and CVS,can you please help me how dd u get the other coupons, thank you,,,it’s amazing how u do it.


Walgreens had a deal spend $25 on beauty and personal purchase and receive 5,000 points – that’s how you got the extra points.


Yes I planned on getting those 5,000 points but I also got an additional 5,000 points too


Did you ‘clip’ the 5K points for spending $25+ off walgreens.com (or on the mobile app) and also have them scan the in-ad coupon? It seems as if those are two separate offers (I got 10K points on two different transactions last week because of this)


I only had it clipped to my card from the app, I didn’t give her a paper copy but I’m wondering if maybe she scanned a paper copy that she had also and that’s where they came from.