I have no picture because it’s 11 pm and I’m in bed, but I thought I would tell you guys about this fantastic deal!

Go to Kroger and buy 5 Beech-Nut naturals jars on sale for $1 and one Beech-Nut Pouch on sale for $1.

You will pay $6 at the store.

Submit the 5 jars to Ibotta for a $2 rebate. (Down to $4)

Submit the 5 jars to Mobisave for $1. (Down to $3)

Submit the jars to Checkout 51 for a $1 rebate and part of a $4 rebate on $15. (Down to $2 and you will have $5 towards a $4 rebate.)

Unlock the Beech-Nut rebate on Shrink and start building your points. If you do all the activities and submit the jars and the pouch, you will receive $2.30 in rebates from Shrink.

After all of that, you will make $0.30 on 6 jars/pouches of baby food! Make sure they are all different types though!