3 Biotrue contact solutions, on sale for $7.99/ea. Used 2x mnfr coupons from SS 7/31 @ $2 and one printable @ $3.

3 Peroxiclear contact solutions, on sale for $7.99/ea. Used 2x $4 printable coupons and one mnfr from SS 7/31 for $3.

2 Pringles @ 2/$3.

———-> Pringles + contact solution = $51, qualifying for “Rake in the Points” promo of 2000 Plenti Points for next time

2 OxiClean HD. Sale price $7.99, used rain check to bring down to $3.99 and used 2x $3 mnfr coupons.

Total before coupons: $63.11
Total after coupons: $40.11
Used 2300 Plenti Points to pay $17.11 OOP
Gained 2000 Plenti Points ($20) for next time!

Made $2.89 today!!


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3 thoughts on “Moneymaker on contact solution, detergent, and chips at Rite Aid!”

Leah, Katelyn is correct. Not everyone counts this way but I consider Plenti points as cash.


I think she means she only actually spent $17.11 oop and then got back $20 in points so she made like $2 and some change. Not considering points she used to pay. I calculate this way too. Everyone’s different


How did you make money? You used more points than you earned back?