3 Always liners $1.99 clearance price
2 Colgate toothpastes $2.99 sale price
Tena Pads $2.99 clearance price
Sally Hanson Miracle Gel $9.99
2 Venus razors $8.99
Physician Formula makeup $7.39 and $7.79

Manf coupons: 3 $2 off Always Pads, 2 $1 off Colgate toothpaste, 1 $2 off Tena product, 1 $3 off Sally Hanson, 2 $3 off Venus Razor

CVS coupons:
$10 off $40 purchase, $2 off 2 toothpastes, $3 off $15 razors, $3 off one Physicians Formula Cosmetic, $5 off $15 Physicians Formula cosmetics and $1 off in-app Sally Hanson

Price before coupons was $58.09, price after coupons was $15.09, submitted $2 Ibotta rebate for Tena Pads and received $24 in extra bucks.
TOTAL: $10.91 moneymaker! 😃


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One thought on “Moneymaker CVS trip!”


Great job but will be nice if you tell us where to find the coupons used.


I get all of my coupons from either coupons.com or the newspaper, like I assume everyone else does too. So I don’t keep up with which coupons come from where or which insert.