2 Scope $3.99 each = $7.98
Used (2) .75 cents off MQ coupons.com
Used $2 off 2 Crest mouthwash CVS Coupon
Used $2 off $6 Mouthwash CVS Coupon
Paid $2.50 + tax
Received $8 in Extrabucks
(The Extrabucks didn’t print but the kind cashier printed them for me)

2 Venus Razors $8.99 each = $17.98
Used $2 off MQ from newspaper
Used $1.50 off from coupons.com
Used $3 off 2 Gillette from coupon machine
Used $3 off $12 Razors CVS coupon
Used $5 off Gillette CVS coupon
Paid $3.48 + tax
Received $6 in Extrabucks
Submitted $1.50 rebate to Checkout51


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3 thoughts on “Moneymaker CVS Trip”

I think your extra bucks didn’t print because it looks like you got the smaller bottles. It’s only the larger bottles that were included.


At my local cvs tge had the tag under the small bottle too they were out though by the time i got there


Also submitted Venus to checkout 51 for $1.50 rebate.