Excedrin-$5.99 each/spend 20 get 10 ecb. I had a 30% off coupon that worked on it also taking off $7.18, and I use (2) $2.50 off of 2 packs taking $5 off. I purchased 4 of the excedrin migrane and it came to about $24 before coupons, and paid $11.78 after with ecbs I rolled and got back $10 in ecbs! TOTAL OOP:$1.78 for 4 packs of excedrin
I still had (2) of the the $2 off scope coupons, and I bought 2 of the the 1 liter bottles that cost $4.99 regular priced which also got 30% off ($2.99 off) and I got back $6 total in ecbs for both scope making them free plus $3 money maker!
Colgate mouthwash was 2/$8 and get back $3 in ecbs. I had (2) $2 off coupons for each one and a mobile coupon $2 off of $6 in mouth wash, I paid 2/$2 and got back $3 in ecbs making them a $1 money maker!
I had one rain check for nivea for when you buy 2, you get back $5 in ecbs. I bought 2 women’s body wash (cost $5.49 ea), and 2 men’s (cost $4.99 ea) and my 30 percent coupon worked on those too which took off $6.28 and I used (2) $3 off of 2 printable coupons, and I also used a cvs mobile app coupon for $4 off of $14 body wash, making 4 body washes $4.68 after all coupons and I got back $5 in ecbs making them free plus slight moneymaker!
I did this all in one transaction and actually did forget to give the cashier one coupon but my total should’ve only come to about $25 and I rolled $21 in ecbs and got back $23! So only about $4 or $5 OOP for me for about $100 worth of stuff! (I forgot to give the cashier one of the $3 off of 2 nivea coupons) so I actually paid about $7 🙁 my mistake but it’s ok…