4 Kotex liners/tampons clearance $1.50 used four $2 off coupons
6 men’s bic razors $3.18 used six $3 off coupons
3 twin pack glade candles clearance $2.50 used three $2 off coupons
3 loreal sublime body makeup lotion clearance $1.50 used three $2 off coupons
Zest fruit boost $2.48 used $1 off coupon
Gain flings clearance $6 used $2 off coupon
2 curad tape .96 used two $1 off coupons

Subtotal $4.48 paid $7.33 with tax

Checkout 51: redeemed glade twin pack candles x3 for $2 each= $6.00
Gain flings $2.00 cash back

Ibotta: .25 zest fruit boost
$2.00 loreal sublime bronzer
$2.00 glade twin candle

Mobisave: $1 zest fruit boost
$1 curad tape


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3 thoughts on “Moneymaker walmart haul”

How many transactions or was this all on one?


I only did one transaction


Great haul… My Walmart doesn’t have the Kotex on clearance that low… I’m mad about that


I just happened to stumble upon these and they weren’t in the usual clearance section so I was happy when I found them. I was actually just going to buy the candles and was surprised when I found a bunch of twin packs on clearance as well. The candles were even the newer glade scents too so I was a happy shopper!