I used a combination of printed MFC, digital store coupons, in-ad coupons, cartwheel, Ibotta rebates and store points for this haul. I paid $12.52 OOP (before tax and after 2 Ibotta rebates).

I ran into an amazing clearance deal at Walgreens I wasn’t expecting so I loaded up. I was searching for the last week deal on the Oxi-Clean detergent since I got a rain check but found Eve better deals!!! I got the Tide Pods, Downy beads, Snuggle fabric softener & All detergent all on clearance and used a combo of coupons and as many points as I could towards the transactions. I paid $4.76 at Walgreens OOP

Walmart I just used paper coupons for the Gain fabric softer and paid $2.91

Rite-Aid I used MFC newspaper coupons, in-ad coupons and one Ibotta rebate and got the deodorant, nail polish and body wash and paid $4.21 but the Ibotta was for $0.25 back so really $3.96

Then at Target I used store coupons stacked with MFC and cartwheel deals plus my 5% off Redcard and $0.05 for using reusable bags and one Ibotta $0.75 rebate and got the Purell hand sanitizer, the taco seasoning and the mechanical pencils all for $0.89

I was super impressed with myself on this one!!!!!


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One thought on “Mutli-store haul”

Way to go!!