FB_IMG_1439006811751so I did the promotion deal “Rule the School” at food lion. only got one catalina with my reward code for the first transaction and the second didn’t work. so with the first one I bought 4 Suave body washes, and 2 Suave deodorants and used 2-b1g1 coupons and 2-$0.50/1 suave deo coupons and received $2 off of each 2 Suave items bought. after coupons only paid $0.63 sales tax. received a $10 Digital Rewards visa card account redemption code for digital content. I went to amazon and bought a $10 gift card. I asked amazon customer service to allow me to roll over all my no rush shipping credits so I could use the full $20 worth. they removed all the individual  $5 credits and issued a $20 one instead. I still had to pay $5.99 shipping for prime pantry but they agreed to return it because I bought four items from their back to school essentials list which is supposed to give free shipping costs right now. I will be refunded the 5.99 after items ship. i only got to use 17.72 of the $20 credit on first amazom order. then I decided to buy diapers because I got a 20% discount from being on Amazon Mom and chose subscribe and save. they were originally 18.53 and after coupon savings, subscription savings, the remaining 7.28 credit I couldn’t use on the first order, and prime shipping savings the total was $4.86 which I used part of the $10 amazon card to pay for. so all in all I bought all my items for nothing out of pocket. and I plan on getting more rewards codes from food lion cuz you can get up to 10 per household and it runs til 8/25 and includes a bunch of different products.










So because my catalina coupon for the visa digital rewards didn’t print at food lion the other day we tried again. Because it wouldn’t work they gave me $10 in cash because their gift cards weren’t low enough. I used that $10 to pay for my first transaction. $6.39 then the next transaction $6.39. Then the third transaction was $5.49. I used my cash for all the extra past $10. I received my redemption code for the first two for $10 visa digital rewards ($20 total) but the third didn’t work so they in turn gave me another $10 back. So I in fact was paid $1.73 cash to buy all these items and made $20 in gift cards codes.


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One thought on “My amazing trip to Food Lion, I usually never shop here”

sorry forgot to take pic of the first items I bought.