1st Transaction: 4 wet and wild items 3 hallmark cards 1 gillete foamy paid $1 including tax got back $3 2nd transaction 2 GE potato chips 1 GE mixed nuts 3 hallmark cards paid 3.10 including tax got back $1 and $10EB (since last week my app has a spend 30 get back 10eb but I needed 1 so the mixed nuts worked. I was surprised) 3rd transaction 2 kleenex 2 Palmolive 1 scott toilet paper 1 scott paper towels 1arm and hammer paid 1.12 ( my EB did not print I needed .54 bummer)4th transaction 1 milk (not pictured) 1palmolive paid 3.61 including tax got back 5EB.
Started with 11EB ended up with 15EB. Also got rainchecks for the physician formula, scope and the ocean spray juice.


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2 thoughts on “My CVS Trip”

Wow! Amazing deals! Great work! Looks like you got some good goodies there :))


Thank you:) I think it would of been better if the store had everything I had on my list. But I’m glad I figured something out at that moment and didn’t spend alot OOP. When my husband saw the cart with only the items fromt he first two transaction he was shocked lol he said “that’s it??” he’s used to get alot of items now lol. At first he didn’t agree with couponing he thought it was a hassle and time consuming now he even picks the flavors, colors etc of the items lol