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My first brag :)


Hi, this is my first brag. I would upload a photo but i lost the little cord that would connect my camera to my PC.

Walgreens (just made it for the last day to take advantage of the U by Kotex deal, phew!)

transaction 1
Bought 1 U by Kotex 18 ct tampons at 3.99 sale price
Used $1 MQ internet coupon (

Paid 2.99 plus 0.27 for tax
Received $3 RR back

Transaction 2
Same thing as #1 and but add one pack of orbit gum (because my husband has a dirty mouth – lol)
No coupon for gum :(
Used $3 RR and paid 1.18 and tax 0.35

Total plus tax is $5.34 but I still have $3 RR left for next time :) So like paying everything for $2.34


2 x Barilla whole grain thin spaghetti pasta at $1.28 each
used 2 x MQ from internet (facebook I think) $1.00 off each
4 x Reach floss at 0.97 each
used 4 x Reach MQ from internet ( for $1.00 off each (0.12 cents overage)
1 carefree 22 ct. panty liners at 0.94
used 0.50 cents off MQ from internet (can’t remember from where, maybe
1 Kashi Crunch Bar $1.25
Used $2 off MQ printed from (overage 0.75)

Plus tax my total at walmart came to 0.46! And I found a quarter on the floor today, whoot whoot ;) no joke, but I won’t count it.

So I paid OOP $2.80 for products valued at $17.79! Yay! I love coupons and I love this site for helping me learn how to coupon! Thank you Krazy Lady!!!

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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