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My first brag!!














Went to Kroger today. Now my Kroger only allows 5 like coupons and only triples the first two (up to 50 cents) of those 5, the other 3 are face value.  In my trip I got:

1- 4 pack of angel soft bathroom tissue

4 boxes of kelloggs corn pops

2 boxes of kelloggs frosted flakes

2 boxes of kelloggs mini wheats

6 pkgs of chow mein pasta

6 campbells soup on the go

8 boxes of barilla pasta

6- comet powder cleaners

6- 2 ltr dr pepper ten

6- V8 splash (clearance)

2 cartons of eggs

6 cans of dole pineapple

2 franks hot sauce

5 tubes of crest toothpaste

1 tube of colgate toothpaste

1 oldspice body spray

3 speed stick deodorants

2 suave deodorants

2 frenchs mustards

2 pkgs smart balance butter sticks

1 pkg temptations cat treats

The total before coupons or my kroger savings was $151.71, I spent $56.22 OOP. Only a 63% savings but for my first trip I don’t think I did too bad! What does everyone think?

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