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My first brag with stuff for free!!!


At HEB i bought 9 bottles of 32 oz. of white vinegar for .89 cents, 5 16oz. white vinegar for .94 cents, 2 16oz. apple cidar vinegar for .79 cents and I used 16 coupons of $1 off in any variety and size of Heinz vinegar so all this was free. At Target I bought 6 16oz. white vinegar at .98 cents and 2 up & up hydrogen peroxide for .54 cents and I used 6 coupons $1 off in any variety and size Heinz vinegar and two .75 cents off in any up & up first aid item so all this was free too. At walmart I bought two 10 pills advil at $1.84 each I have a coupon $3 off in any two advil products so I only pay $.34 cents each. At CVS 2 purex 25-33 loads at 1.99 each I used a $1 off and I pay .99 cents so for this 2 i pay 2.14. I’m very happy that i got all this for so little!!!!

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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