This was my very first giant haul. 3 boxes of trix cereal, 3 boxes of coco puffs. 6 boxes of nature valley bars, 4 boxes of horizon crackers, 6 boxes of horizon mac and cheese, 4 kraft bbq, baby advil, 2 bags of perdue chicken, eggs, turkey hill ice cream, and not pictured a 12 pack of quilted northern tp.

Originally 98.29
PAID 27.59


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3 thoughts on “My first Giant Haul”

What store was this at?


Break down.
-Trix and coco puffs on sale for 1.99. I had 0.75 printed coupons. which all doubled.
-Horizon deal was spend 20$ and get 5$ off. I also had four 1.10 off 2 coupons.
-nature valley deal was buy 3 get 2 free. I had 3 0.75 coupons. which all doubled.
-kraft bbq on sale for 0.99. I had four .55 coupons. which all doubled. FREE
-quilted northen TP, on sale 4.99, had a 3.99 coupon.
-turkey hill ice cream. 1.88 with in store coupon.
-advil no coupon
-eggs were free from a coupon from previous visit
-perdue chicken on sale 2/8. 1.50 off two coupon.


Wow, this is incredible!! I’m trying to start couponing because money is a little tight right now but this is so motivational. What store did you go to? And when you say that the coupons doubled, does that mean that you used two of the same coupons on one product? I would greatly appreciate your reply! Thank you 🙂