Trans #1:
2-2L of 7Up (0.99 ea.)
1-Colgate Optic White, 3.5oz (4.19)
1-Colgate Optic White Platinum Express, 3oz (6.29)
1-Colgate 360 Pro toothbrush (3.99)
Used 2 mfg q’s for 2.00/1 toothpaste, 1 mfg q for 1.00/1 toothbrush, used 5.00/15.00 coupon loaded to card, 25% off oral care loaded to card, and 2.00 ECB
Final: 3.21 with 5.00and 2.00 ECB
Trans #2:
2-Gold Emblem (GE) Popcorn, 2-GE Potato Chips, 2-GE Breakfast Biscuits, 2-Bugles, 2-GE Party Peanuts, 1.5oz, all on sale for 1.00 each
Used 3 mfg q’s for 2.00/2 GE snacks, 2 mfg q’s for 1.00/1 GE snack, and 1 mfg for 0.50/2 Bugles
Final: 1.55
Combined OOP 4.76 with $7 ECB so 2.24 Money Maker!


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One thought on “My first haul under 5.00! CVS trip 2.24MM!”

Pretty sure the golden emblem coupons are for the abound kind only. The potato chips and peanuts should not have worked since they are only golden emblem and not golden emblem abound


I agree and I thought you could only use one coupon per person


I forgot that I also used .30/1 2L on my card, and 1.00/2 2L mfg q. This takes work, but I’m getting better with practice:)