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My first post!!!


I have been couponing since the end of November and I just love reading everyone’s post. I finally get to make a post of my own. I went into Food Lion today because I didn’t have any meat for dinner. I was hoping the chicken would be on sale since I missed it a Kroger about 2 weeks ago. I didn’t have my binder with me but I still think I made out ok. I got 10 packages of split chicken breasts, chips for my daughter, oranges, ice cream sandwiches for my son (i had him run outside a few times to get stuff out the car for me), and some Minute Maid juices.

My total was $82.57 and I paid $44.87. The chicken is on sale for .79/lb. Without it being on sale, I would have paid $52.08 for the chicken alone!!! :)

Oh, and I know I said this already but I love love love reading everyone’s posts. I am a new teacher coming from working in the mortgage arena for the last 8 years. Thank to KCL and everyone on here, the change in pay wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. Thanks again!!!

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