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My First Time


First Coupining Spree
I live in Puerto Rico. I don’t know ANYONE WHO USES COUPONS HERE! But after reading a bit and watching parts of Extreme Couponing I decided to try using coupons, JUST FOR FUN. Cashiers did’t had a clue on what to do… But still a bought a few thing in three different stores near me.
I saved 50% of my purchase. Considering you can’t use many coupons here in Puerto Rico… we don’t have Catalinas nor Members Points/Rewards… or what ever you call what a “loyalty” Card gives you… AND Being my first couponing experience… I most say I did really well.
OK… Here’s what I did.

@ ECONO> Oscar Meyer Reg. $3.50 ea. Sale: 2x$5
(If you go to CVS they have it @ 3x$5. I don’t have one near me.)
@ MR. SPECIAL> Banquet Dinners Reg. 3x$5 Sale: 5x$5
@ SELECTOS> Chef Boyardee Reg. $1.50 Sale: $0.89

What coupons I used? All Manufacture’s Coupons. Printed @ Home.
(1) $1 off Oscar Meyer’s Wiener
(2) .50 cents Banquet Frozen Dinners
(1) .50 cents off Chef Boyardee’s (I wanted to use three but the cashier refused.)

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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