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My Husband & I were SHOCKED!

Raquel Lipsett

Ok this is my 2nd Brag and I am so excited.  My husband & I went to Target armed with my coupons and list of things to buy…in total I spent $98.01, saved $201.56 and while I don’t have the picture yet ( I’ll add it tomorrow)

My husband and I were in complete shock and we couldn’t be happier with what we got. He said the time I spent organizing my coupons was well worth it.  He is becoming a coupon believer!!!!  I used a lot of the Buy 1 Get 1 Free Coupons I had for Shick, Pantene, Herbal Essence, Degree and Targets’ Coupons.  While I had an out of pocket costs the extra money I earned from the full value received for my free items went toward reducing my final price paid.  The manager at Target was so nice & I’m not sure how it worked but all she said was “If you have a credit at the end I can’t give you money back”.  She was just as amazed at how much the total went down.

If one of my purchases stands out the most I would have to say it was my Schick Razor purchase.  I had 2 B1G1 Free & I had 2 $6 off purchase of 2.  I paid $5.99 (sale price) for 2 & got 21.00 credit for the 2 & got 12.00 off for all 4.  I had a moneymaker of $14.96 that went towards my purchase!!!!


4 Ragu Sauces and 2-boxes of pasta (free); 2-Knor Pasta Sides; 4-Bertoli sauces; 6-Glade candles; 14-bags of Whiskas cat treats; 2-Degree Deodorants; 2-Degree Shampoos (free); 2-20count Always liners; 4-3packs of Shick Razors (2 free); 2-Herbal Essence Shampoos; 2-Herbal Essence Conditioners (free); 4-Pantene Shampoo; 4-Pantene Conditioners (free); 2-Glade Air Freshners; 4 – Glade Oil Fresheners; (free); 4-packs ID gum (2 free); 1- 3 pack ID gum; 2-Chips Ahoy cookies; 2-2L Dr. Pepper; 2-Taco packets; 2-Green Giant Steamers; 6-Ore-Ida potatoes and got 2-ketchups (free); 2-cans Muir tomato sauce; 5-cans Chicken noodle soups; 5-cans Tomato soup; 4-Mac-n-cheese; 2-Microwave Mac-n-Cheese; 4-boxes wheat thins; 2-boxes Ritz crackers; 2-V8 juices; 1-can Ortega chiles!

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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