My living situation had changed, where those who I am living with do not completely understand the value of couponing. I do my best to encourage them to coupon by finding coupons that they can use, and give it to them when they are out shopping. Sometimes I find really rare coupons for vegans/gluten-free/high value, etc., and my SO doesn’t use them. They can’t understand why I get annoyed, and why I am so set on saving $$$ where I can.  It’s frustrating, and so I have difficulty matching my coupons without my SO’s negativity… (it’s complicated).

Anyways, I had some high value ECBS expiring today, and put something together in an hour. I probably could have saved more, if I could have found the coupons for them. But, I am at the point, that being able to GO to CVS without the other person that I live with breathing down my neck… is, shall we say, a rare occasion. So here it goes…

Transaction 1

Oral B Manual  1ct toothbrush. Buy 2, Receive 4ECB. Limit 2.

Bought 4 x 2.99 ea = 11.96

– 1.50 MRC
-1.50 MFC
-25% off CVS Oral care coupon (1.74)
-5ECB from three weeks ago.

subtotal: 2.22
tax .47
paid 2.69

Received 8ECB
saved: 9.74 or 81%


Transaction 2:

Speed stick 2/5.00 Buy 2 Receive 2ECB
-.50 MRC one of the sunday papers (for men)
-.50 MFC one of the sunday papers (for women)

St. Ives B1G1 50% Bodywash
Bought 2 Body wash at 5.29 + 2.64
– 1.00 off of $4.00 CVS coupon

-8 ECB from Transaction 1
-2 ECB from three weeks ago

subtotal: .93
tax: 1.07
paid 2.00
Received 2ECB
saved: 18.23 or 95%

without tax: .47 + .93 = $1.40
with tax: 2.22 + 2.00 = 4.22 (9.0%)

Saved total: $9.72 + $18.23 =$27.97

I could have paid $29.37 to $32.19. But I didn’t.

I bought very useful items, that I use, and can donate or give as stocking stuffers… I wish that more folks would embrace couponing rather than think that it something that crazy people do on TLC. Oh well, I guess I will continue to have to work on my SO. Maybe they’ll come around one of these days.






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One thought on “My mini haul at CVS!”

It takes time to win them over sometimes, especially if they think you are putting too much time into it. Hopefully your SO will come around without too much trouble.

I found it helpful to put it into terms of something else, like you saved enough to cover the cost of a lunch date. Good luck and nice work!