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My Momma’s first score!


So, I got my mom into couponing and she is an addict now! She saw the BOGO free Qs for Head & Shoulders and was determined to get the best deal possible. After looking at all the sunday ads we set off!

(6) Head & Shoulders Twin pks @ 7.97ea = 47.82
(3) BOGO free H&S -23.91
Total OOP: $23.91 (w/out tax)
OR $1.99per bottle!!

Trans #1:
(6) Pantene 19.50
(2) Cortizone (subt for Cortaid) 11.98
(1) PF Primer 10.99
(3) 3.00/2 Pantene
(6) 2.00/1 any shampoo CVS Q (i went to cvs everyday to get these!)
(2) Free Cortizone CVS Q (subt with cortizone)
(*) 7.00/1 instant PF CVS deal
Paid = 3.99 OOP
Got (1) Free $10 gas card!
Making it 6.01MM!!

Trans #2:
(We had already left CVS when a friend called to tell us about the Nivea deal so we rushed back!)
(4) Nivea lotions 3.96
Paid: $3.96
Got 8.00EBs (4.04MM!)

Trans #3:
(2) CVS 180ct Glucousomine/Chondotrin Dbl Strength 85.98
BOGO FREE CVS promo -42.99
(1) 8.00EBs (from last week)
(1) 8.00EBs (previous trans)
Paid: $26.99 OOP!!!

My mom was so happy she was almost crying! She usually pays $30+ for one bottle of her pills (regular strength) and takes them only once a day to “make them last.” Thanks KCL, ya’ll have been such a blessing to me and my family!

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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