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My panties will be protected for over 2 years!!… LOL tmi?


I picked up about a years worth of the U by Kotex tampons a few weeks ago and now I needed the pantyliners to go with them! I ordered 20 pages of the Kotex insert from a week ago for about 1.50 on ebay,com. Then off to Walmart!

(8) Kotex Natural Balance liners @ $.94ea = 7.54
(12) U by Kotex liners @ $1.24ea = 14.88
Subtotal: 22.42
USED: (4) 2.00/2 Kotex Natural Balance printed
And (12) 1.00/1 U by Kotex liners
total Qs: -20.00

PAID $2.42 OOP

Estimating I use 1/2 a box per menstrual cycle, I have enough for 40 months or 3.33years!
Disclaimer: (lol) I didnt clear any shelves, there was still a ton left!! (lady was actually stocking the shelves right when I got there)

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