I just started in January and this is what I have so far..

34 boxes of toothpaste
8 boxes of tissues
5 packages of Clorox wipes
6 bottles of soap
6 packages of baby wipes
3 packages of laundry detergent

I got my storage unit from Lowe’s..
It is the Contico garage storage cabinet.. $79


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5 thoughts on “MY STOCKPILE!”

Oh man I have like 40 boxes of toothpaste. I seem to always get toothpaste. I need to chill on the toothpaste but when deals keep coming around for free toothpaste I can’t turn it down. I’m sure someone will use it weather I give to friends or family or just donate. If its free someone should use it.


I have 115 tubes of toothpaste from the big mega sale at Kroger a few weeks ago. I’m getting a lot of my stockpile that we don’t use together so I can donate to a Battered Women and Childrens shelter. I am also stocking my niece up for her freshman year in college in the fall.


I’m hoarding tooth paste until I decide which place I want to donate it to…

Great start!


Nice looking good I’m New also