Nearly Free Toothbrushes at Target! (99.5%!)

Hurry! I ran back to my Target today, baby in tow, to pick up 14 Oral-B Cavity Defense toothbrushes for a total price of $0.10. That is not a typo. You read it right. TEN CENTS for 14 toothbrushes! You can actually get 2 for free but I needed to build my stockpile and spent the extra dough. Here's the math:

I bought:
14 Oral-B Cavity Defense toothbrushes – $1.49/ea
Total: $20.86

I used:
Target 25% off Beauty – $5.22
4 $1/1 Oral-B (RP 11/8) – $4
3 $2.50/2 Oral-B (RP 11/8) – $7.50
4 $1/1 Oral-B (PG 11/29) – $4
Reusable bag discount – $.05 (1@ $.05/ea)
Total Coupon – $20.77

Total Value: $20.86
Total Discounts – $20.77
Total price (incl tax): $0.10
Total % savings: 99.5%

Technically you can get two of these toothbrushes for free using the $2.50/2 Oral-B (RP 11/8) but I think the dime was worth the stockpile! Remember, it's only for December 1!

I shall now resume admiring my hauls of the day and patting myself on the back with one hand, while drinking wine with the other.


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6 thoughts on “Nearly Free Toothbrushes At Target! (99.5%)”

Awesome! Great job.


Love the pat on the back and enjoy the wine.


Great Job! I also took advantage of this deal:)


My RP 11/8 has no Oral B. :(. I really want this deal. Even without the 25% still a good one.


What? So upset that I tunnel visiined on Pantene and miss this deal. Ugh!


Great Job!