I began by giving the cashier my phone so that i could get my Krogers card savings. My first transaction was 5 GM cereal boxes on the buy 5 save $5, plus 10 G2 on the buy 10 or more at .59 each. With a $2 off GM register coupon from the day before I paid 10.84 for my first transaction and got another $2 off coupon with my receipt. My second and 3rd transactions were GM cereal buy 5 save $5 where I paid $4.45 for each transaction. My total trip was $19.74. Not bad considering I had no manufacturer coupons (used them all on previous shopping trip). Total savings of $36.52. My avg. cost per item .78 each. Not bad! I think 🙂


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2 thoughts on “New at this! at Krogers just under $20”

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