New to couponing and pretty sure I just made my first cashier enemy!! She was visibly frustrated when I handed her 11 coupons. After the cashier rang everything up I told her the e-coupons must not have come off my order because I shouldn’t owe money. She tells me “well you have to have a total”.So I said ok I’ll pay and then go to customer service. She no you can’t you have to call Shoprite. I went to CS they fixed the problem….all items were free and they paid me $0.80!!!!


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4 thoughts on “Newbie At Shoprite”

How did they owe you money. It says in the policy that the can’t do that. Just wanted to know.


Could you please provide a breakdown of your shopping trip (esp. which coupons did you use for which items)? Thank you. 🙂


2 Super Pretzels $0.99 each used 2 $0.50/1

Aquaphor Lip Repair $2.62 used $1.50/1 Aquaphor healing ointment, baby or lip care and $2/1 Aquaphor e-coupon

Eucerin hand creme $3.74 used $2/1 Eucerin body lotion or creme and $2/1 Eucerine e-coupon

9 Nivea lip balm $1.49 each used 4 $3/2 Nivea lip care, 1 $1/1 Nivea lip care, and $1/1 Nivea e-coupon

Wet n Wild lip gloss $1.49 used $0.75/1 Wet n Wild lip product

Centrum vitamints $6.99 used $4/1 Centrum vitamints and $4/1 Centrum vitamints e-coupon


Thank you, I could get the Aquaphor Lip Repair for free, even though I only had a 1.50$ off e-coupon for it and I do not have the Eucerin digital coupon.