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nice trip …..vons and cvs


this is my trip from yersteday i think is was good for me…


1 trans

2 suaves pro 2 for 4 less .50 : $ 3.50
3 suave kids 2 for 3 less b2g1 : $3.00 for 3
1 suave pow desod $1 less .50c : $.50
3 suave lotions 2 for 6 less b2g1 : $ 6 for 3

my total was $12.93 and give me back 4 rg for spend $12 dlls and suve product
(the cashier took one of my coupons for the suave kids and the machine took my coupon for 3 dlls thas good for me)

2 transac

2 cvs flosser in clerance .29 c each total .58c
1 arm&harmer w/ox 16 count $3.48
(but they have a coupon to try for free ,this a good deal to)
1 tic tac clerance to $ 1.09
1 ultra pack mout 18 count $ 2.49 less .50c off coupon i have.
my total was

$7.50 less 4 dlls off trans 1 my total was $3.65
but remember i have a coupon for try free so only pay for this trans .17 c

my big total in cvs for all this was $13.10

vons was better

for all you see in the right several items was in clerance soo in total $32.04 cent

i split my trans to get some free stuff

1 trans i got heinz ketchup .69 c , maruchan free , all deter 2for 4.98, dannon yogurth free , link sauge 2 for .50 cen , total $6.71

2 trans

tabasco sause in clerande 4.69 less 50% : $2.34 less .50 c coupon store double only pay $ 1.34

heins ketchup pay .99 c (using .50 cen coupon and strore double and the coupon to load to my vons card)

porcorn $1.25 less 50% : .62 c

maruchan 99 c less .50 cen coupon store double free

best food $ 1.77with coupon and coupons load to my vons card

2 all lundry $6.98 (i forgot use my second card to get the best deal, next time)

2 milk for $ 2.38 both was in clerance too.

french fries in clerance too from 2.99 i only pay .49c

dannon oikos grk yogurth free (are 10/10 we have a coupon for .50 c the store double the first so was free.)

yocrunch m&m ygrt not in special but need it 2.99 less .75c coupon store double only pay $ 1.99

carefree pantiline not show free too

meat ground trky only pay .62 c por a packedge
chiken brts for tree one is for $1.46,$1.67 and $1.50 for three one already give to my mom
i found in the clerance section of meat

i box in van kamp x-larg was ins speacial for 4.99 less 1 off coupon $ 3.99

for my two trans in vons was $ 32.69

total from two store is $45.79 yei

and save a big total $ 89.95.

i see u next week. thank u.

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