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Not bad for about $14 bucks!


I had the most fabulous cashier at Walgreens today! She was sooo sweet and cool about my transactions, because she does it too! I made sure to ask if she works every Sunday, and lucky for me, she does! I know who I will look for from now on. Here’s what I got today for only $14.15..

(1) Complete Lens solution, $7.99 paid $8.75
Got $8 RR

(1) Lanacane, $5
(1) Tylenol Precise, $5.99, used (1) $3 off, so $2.99
(1) Orange slices as filler, .49
Paid $3.51, got a $5 RR and a $1 RR

(1) Complete Lens solution, same as above
(1) Orange slices, .49
Paid with the $6 in RR, OOP was $1.53
Got another $8 RR

(4) various cans of nuts, $3.99 and they were BOGO
(1) Orange slices, .49
Paid with the $8 in RR, OOP was .52

I was very happy everything worked out great today! :)

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