Was trying to finish up getting my extra reward bucks for this weeks cycle. $94.30 before savings. Paid $21. Saved 78%. Had to add on shampoos, conditioners, and candy bar because I had so much overages on my transactions. Nothing like freebies!! Some transactions only cost me 53 cents or a dollar!! ūüėú


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7 thoughts on ‚ÄúNothing like freebies at CVS!!‚ÄĚ

Breakdown please?


Here is an approximation because I threw my receipts away. Hope this helps though.

1st transaction
$6.88 Scott toilet paper
$5.49 Scott paper towel
$8.99 cottonwood toilet paper

$0.65 coupon Scott paper towels
$14 extra bucks from previous haul
Total $7.77
Received $5 extra bucks

2nd transaction
$4.79 scope mouthwash
$0.77 vo5 shampoo (needed for overage)

$0.50 coupon mouthwash
$5 extra reward bucks from transaction #1
Total $0.53
Received $3 extra bucks

3rd transaction
$4.99 toothpaste

$1.00 coupon
$3.00 extra bucks from #2
Total $1.43
Received $5 extra bucks (had already had some amount to this from previous purchase)

4th transaction
$12.99 whitening kit

$5 extra bucks from #3
Total $9.13
Received $10 extra bucks

5th transaction
$2.79 x2 rice crisps snacks
$2.99 gummy snacks
$0.77 x3 vo5 shampoo (needed for overage)
$0.88 Reese’s (needed for overage)
$1.00 tea

$1.00 coupon tea
$2.00/2 snacks
$10 extra bucks #4
Total $0.53
Received $4 extra bucks (had amount from previous purchase too)

6th transaction
$6/2 bags of kisses
$1.59 x 2 protein bars

$3/2 coupon kisses
$2/2 protein bars
$4 extra bucks from #5
Total $1.00


Do you think you can teach me how to coupon like you. I live in Tampa, Florida. Me and my husband Wayne are on a fixed income. It would be so great to be able to do this. Please call me at 813-570-0624 and let me know if you could help me to coupon like you. My name is Linda Susie Leonard


That was my third time couponing like that. I am still new at the game but I can give you my tips of how I do it. The haul I did the day before was bigger and I paid $36 versus $140. Is it okay to either text you at that number or possibly email you instead of calling? I have a 6 month old so needless to say it’s hard to get long periods of time to talk on the phone but I can either text or email throughout the day. Don’t mind to help you, we are living on my husband’s income since I stay at home with our daughter.


Yes you can text me at the number I put up. Do you live in Tampa area? Okay, so I will have time to text on Friday (all day)


I will text you later today. I live in San Diego.


I text you today. No response.