I originally was going to purchase the $6 copy paper for the 5.99 rebate rewards to get $.01 pencils along with the Crayola crayons, 5pk Highlighters and sharpies. However, when I got up to the cashier she informed me that I didn’t need to buy the copy paper to get the $.01 specials. All I need to do was buy 3 of each on sale product I wanted and it would automatically be at lower sale cost. The register rings every at regular price first,which gives you the $5 minimum, then the system goes back and applies all discounts.

This is what the register did at example:
Crayons 3@1.99ea
Highlighters 3@3.29ea
12 bx pencils 3@1.69ea
Then Promotion discounts:
Pencils -$5.04
Highlighter -$9.12
Total $1.53

I made multiple trips back in the store for a total spent $8.32($81.76 value) for a savings of $73.44


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3 thoughts on “Office Depot School Supplies savings trick”

Agreed…I like to stock up for the year……


Awesome! I think I’ll head to office depot when we get back from vacation. You can never have to many school supplies and I like sending extra for kids who may not have.


I forgot to mention the scissors are excluded from the savings. However, I got those at Walgreens for 2/$1 still savings me $6.76.