Bought 4 garnier shampoo for 2.98 and received $5 gift card – used four $2/1 coupons and paid -1.08

Bought 3 Almay mascaras for $4.99 and received $5 gift card – used three $4/1 coupons and paid -2.03

Bought 4 Perrier for $.88 on clearance

Paid $11.51 and got back $10 in gift cards! Paid only $1.51!


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2 thoughts on “Paid $1.51 at Target!”

I’m a newbie to couponing. When doing this type of deal, do you have to split it into separate purchases to get the 2 $5 gift cards? Thank you!


Tammie, no ma’am. Whenever you purchase a GC (gift card) requirement it automatically has the CSR scan a GC for you. So you can stack up multiple GC in a single transaction but you can’t redeem them until your next transaction.