Bought 2 boxes of Honest Diapers, 1 box of pull ups, 1 small pack of honest wipes, 2 boxes of Enfamil newborn formula.
When I registered for my baby registry I received -a Target coupon for $25 off a $50 Honest products
-buy one get one free Target coupon for Enfamil newborn formula

On Saturday March 12, target had a deal if you bought 3 boxes of diapers you get a $20 gc. Also cartwheel had 10% off pull ups. I also had a text from target w baby deals and they had $10 off honest diapers if you bought the target exclusive space man design. I had a $2 off coupon for pull ups from and when I went to check out a target coupon printed for $2 off which cashier used too. Enfamil sent me 2 $3 off.

With red card I saved another $.73.

Paid $16.13 and saved $70.32


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One thought on “Paid $16.13 and saved $70.32 on 3 boxes of diapers and more at Target”

Awesome savings!