Transaction 1
2 Loreal Shampoo 8.00
1 Colgate Max Toothpaste 3.00
Used: Loreal MFR SS 4.00
Colgate MFR SS .50
Colgate CVS 2.50
Previous EB 5.00
I paid .44 sales tax and got 2 EB

Transaction 2
2 Suave Shampoo 6.00
Used: Suave MFR (printed) 2.00
CVS MFR coupon 2.00
$2 off Beauty 2.00
I paid .29 cents (sales tax) thru my money card. So, basically I only paid .44 cents out of my pocket. I eared 2EB, yahoo!!!


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0 thoughts on “Paid .44 cents (Sales Tax) at CVS”

Nice! And thanks for being honest and posting your “true” out of pocket expenses. Some people never mention sales tax i.e. $0.00 oop(which to me, taxes are a OOP expense). Whenever you’re using coupons, there’s a great chance there’s a sales tax somewhere, unless you live in a tax free state ????