Got 4 /12 packs Coke
Used 2/1gold emblem peanuts – free
Did the Colgate deals with the coupons + eb
One oral b deal with coupons + eb
Soft soap used 1/1 and 1.50 cvs
Alka seltzer deal with coupons + eb
Used 2/.25 coupons on Palmolive
Got cvs travel sonic toothbrushes for 75% off for 2.25 each these are almost 10 each retail
Had a 10 dollar eb rain check for a while my store never got the soaps I needed in so they gave me the 10.00 eb to use on anything (which was awesome of the manager)

I did these deals in separate transactions and used eb’s to get all the next transactions for free

Plus not shown taco season McCormick was clear for 75 cents / had a 75 cent coupon

Actual oop was 9.00 so 1.00 less than the cost of my Coke 12 packs! All stuff in my photo was FREE