Walmart $1.76
Mobisave $0.40
Total $1.36

CVS $6.26
Used $6 EB
Paid $0.26 cash
Received $3 EB

2 Ajax 12.6 fl oz $0.88ea
Used $1/2
2 Funyuns 2/1.00
OOP $1.76
Mobisave $0.40 Dish Soap
Total $1.36 ($0.34 per item)

The cashier tried to reject my Ajax coupon because she said the product had to be like in the picture but I pointed out the description says “any”. Then she said I’ll accept it this time. I just smiled and said “okay”. Lol

Spend $10 Get $3 EB

2 Peanut Butter $3.19
Buy 1 Get 1 50% off ($1.59)
Used $2/2 Gold Emblem
OOP $2.78

1 Trail Mix $2.99
1 Edamame Blend $2.49
Used $2/2 Gold Emblem (Trail Mix, Nut…)
OOP $3.48

Total $6.26
Rolled over $6 EB from previous trip and paid $0.26 cash
I received $3 EB
So total cost $3.26 ($0.815 per item)


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4 thoughts on “Paid around $0.58 per item”

I use self checkout with coupons for this very reason. I dont have to wait for a cashier to stare at the coupon for 3 min before scanning it.


Lol most cashiers at Wal-Mart make their own coupon policy.
I stopped shopping there a few months ago. I kept having problems with rude cashiers


Lol the CVS closest to me has an employee who freaked out because the $2/2 Pepsi with $2 off cvs coupon came up as $0.00 due. He called the manager and asked “how can that be?” ????


I dont understand employees not knowing 1. Anything about coupons and how they work. Period. 2. Not knowing their own stores policy. Although, there have been times where this has worked in my favor like them not adjusting my coupon down and stuff.