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Paid only $2.64 before tax for almost $50 in product!!


I think this may be my best couponing experience yet! First I went to Walgreens, since I had $7 in RR to use before they expired. I bought:
1 bottle of Listerine on sale for $4.99, and received $4 in RR after purchase – cost 99¢ after RR.
1 tube of LypSyl lip balm for $2.99 with a “try me free” peelie after MIR – cost FREE after rebate.
1 caramel for 39¢ as filler in order to use 3RR Qs.
Total before tax = $1.38

Then I headed to Walmart, where I purchased:
12 Vitamin Water cost $1 ea., using 12 $1/1 VW mqs obtained from a promotional tent at a music festival – cost FREE
10 Milky Way bars, price matched at 2 for $1 using 5 $1/2 mqs – cost FREE
8 Glade oil warmers, price matched at $1 ea. using 8 $1/1 mqs – cost FREE
5 Glade expressions starter/refills, sale priced at $2 for the starter, $1.98 for 3 refills and $1.50 for 1 refill using 5 $2/1 mqs – cost $0.56 MONEYMAKER
2 Aquafresh extreme clean .8 Oz at $.97 ea., using 2 $1/1 Aquafresh mqs – cost $0.06 MONEYMAKER
2 Cutter wasp and hornet spray using 2 $1/1 mqs – cost FREE
Since I had a $0.62 overage, I applied it to my jar of spaghetti sauce, reducing it from $1.88 down to $1.26 total for all of that!
Combined with my Walgreens purchases, I spent only $2.64 before tax for almost $50 in product! …And I’m spent!

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