Go to coupons.com, (don’t see it yet on KCL’s printable site) search under pets, my state/zip is IL/60031. and you will find Purina Pro Plan Dog Snacks any variety, available at Pet Specialty Retailers Only, for $4 off 1, can print twice, while you’re there, print off the Purina Pro Plan Cat Snacks for $2 off 1.
The Dog Snack coupon shows “Savor” on the image, but the wording is clearly any variety dog snacks.
Petsmart has the Purina Pro Plan Sport, Training Treats for $3.99, with Pet Perks it’s $3.50. The $4 coupon is taken off completely, with no issues…. so buy other items to cover the overage. Double check your stores, before you go to make sure they’re in stock, mine only had one, but they expect more next week. The Purina Pro Plan cat snacks range from $2.89 upwards. Petsmart has been printing off a bunch of those take a survey within 2 days and get a $3 coupon to use on next shopping trip…. hope you get one (I’ve gotten 2 already).


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2 thoughts on “Petsmart, Purina Pro Plan Dog Snacks, 50 cent moneymaker each”

Thanks so much for sharing!! Got mine also and was a great deal!


Got mine. Thanks for sharing!!