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Physicians Formula Savings


Stopped by CVS because i love their 2 in 1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner+Serum and found some other great deals. Ive been meaning to try their PH makeup and i think this is the best deal ever!

Items purchased:
2 Lash Boosting Eyeliner ($11.29 ea)
2 Eye Definer Eye Marker ($7.79 ea)
2 Green/Light Concealer Twins 2in1 ($8.29 ea)
2 Yellow/Light Concealer Twins 2in1 (bonus 2 for the price of 1) ($8.29 ea)
1 CoverToxTen 50 ($13.29)
1 PH Matchmaker Blush ($13.29)
1 PH Matchmaker LipGloss ($9.99)

$107.89 total before cvs card and Qs
-$77.00 (11x$7off ea. item)
-$3.00 (off $15 worth of beauty items-Q from FB)
-$4.00 (4 $1/1 PH MQ)
-$4.00 (2 $2 ECB from prev purchase)

GRAND TOTAL: $22.28 ($19.89+2.39 tax)

Even better, i saw on the ad that if you purchase $30 or more of this brand you get a $10 gas card. All the items i purchased before the Qs and ECBs totaled to $30.89. They didn’t have a gas card available so they started giving out amex gift cards which is even better! so my GRAND GRAND total is really $12.28 for 11 items/over $100 worth – about $1.11 for each item. Best Haul Ever!!!

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