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physicians formula!!


Stopped by my cvs on the way home from work to
look for the toilet paper covers. Couldn’t find them but scanned my card at the magic machine and it printed out a $12 off physician formula!! I ran right over to see what I could get.

1 collagen lotion: $9.49-$5= 4.49
1 pore refining freshener: $7.29-$5= $2.29
1 luxury eye cream: $6.79-$5= 1.79
2 night creams: $6.79 each-$5 each= $3.58 total
1 makeup remover lotion: $5.49-$5= .49

Total: $12.65-$12= .65 plus tax =]
Also threw in a bar for free!

Total savings: $43.37!!

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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