Publix has a promo for either Tresemme or Dove Men’s+ spend $15 get a $5 Publix gift card. The Dove Men’s + body wash and shampoo are $4 each. Purchase 4 (to make it $16 total) and use 4 $2 coupons from 6/12. This is how mine went:
Bought 4 Dove Men’s + shampoo
Used 4 $2 coupons
Bought 4 Dove Men’s + body wash
Used 4 $2 coupons
(Total is $16 after coupons)

(My store did not issue $5 gift cards, it just automatically deducted $5 off of my purchase each time she scanned 4 products, and I did not have to do multiple transactions!)

So total after my coupons and the $10 deduction at the register was
$6!!!! For 8 products!