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Publix BOGO sale!


So I did my first extreme shopping trip yesterday with my 19mo & 3 yr old. I purchased 10 chip dips-.66 ea, 18 packs bologna-FREE, 3 pop tarts-1.33 ea, 8 simply potatoes- .79 ea, 8 bbq sauce- .50 ea, 4 juicy juices- 1.50ea, 4 popsicles- 1.29 ea, 4 chips ahoy- 1.29 ea, 8 wise chips- 1.12 ea,4 maxwell coffee- 2.00 ea. & 2 gal milk Total shelf cost was $191.73 I paid $57.69. A 69% savings! I was soo excited they cheered me on & shut the register for me just like the show. It was great!

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