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Quick Adventure to Target During Finals Week


I figured I needed a break from studying electrical engineering. So yesterday I found out my local Target finally restocked its Fruit Fizz yesterday, so I thought I’d head over to use some coupons that were on the verge of expiring… and well, let’s just say I picked up more things than I expected.

(Pac Man clock was not included in this Target shopping trip- but I did find him at Urban Outfitters on clearance for $7! He was just happy with my savings.)

4 Welch’s Fruit Fizz reg. $2.99

- Used x4 Target Web $1 off coupons
- Used x2 Manufacturer’s $2 off ( NLA)
- Used x2 Manufacturer’s $1 off ( NLA)
- Final Price = $1.98 for all or 49 cents each!

(They were actually suppose to be on price cut for $2.50 according to the sign, but I am not going to squabble over $1. Might as well donate a dollar to capitalism! XD )

Simple Facial Wipes reg. $5.49

- Used one Target Web $1 off coupon for any

Simple product
- Used one Manufacturer’s $1 off ( – NLA I believe, try looking it up on the blogs!)
- Paid $3.49 out of pocket.
- Will submit Spring Forward rebate for $5 Target gift card.
- Final Price = FREE + $1.50 Moneymaker!

Revlon Compact Powder reg. $11.59
- Clearance for 3.47
- Used one $2 off Target Revlon Cosmetics Item =( 90210)
- Final Price = $1.47

L’Oreal Metallic Eyeliner reg. $8.95

- Clearance for $2.68
- Used one $1 off L’Oreal Cosmetics Target Coupon (NLA)
- Used one $2 off L’Oreal Eye Product (Found here)
- Final Price = FREE!

2 Burt’s Bees Cran. & Pom. Body Butter reg. $12.99 each

- Clearance for $6.98 each
- Received $5 Gift Card with purchase of 2 Burt’s Bees Body Butters
- Final Price = $7.96 or $3.98 each!

(I was surprised it worked on clearance! If you can find clearance body butter from Burt’s Bees, if you buy 2 you get a $5 gift card- it doesn’t show up on the price check, so I decided to try it out at the cashier. Worse come to worse you can always return them. =) I’ve been hearing reports that people can find them for $3.88, which makes it an even better deal, especially if you have the $3 off Burt’s Bees body butter coupon from the 2/12 Walmart flier!)

3 Renu Contact Cleaner (travel size) reg. $1.74 each

- Used x3 Manufacturer’s $2 off ( 90210)
- Final Price: FREE!

3 Carefree Liners (20 ct) reg. $0.99 each

- Used $1 off Any StayFree or Carefree Product from (There was a blog post.)
- Final Price: FREE!

Market Pantry Pasta and Tomato Basil Sauce reg. $1.19 each

- Price cut $1 each
- Used $1 off Target Web Coupon for Market Pantry Pasta and Sauce
- Final Price: $1 for both or 50 cents each!

Retail Value Before Tax, Clearance and Coupons: $83.17
Out of Pocket: $22.72
Final Total with $10 worth of Target gift cards: $10.72

Not bad, eh? 83% saving! I was feeling pretty good, then the bus on the way back to my college dorm broke down, the university lost power, and then it snowed like crazy… so maybe it’s a bit of karma or the price to pay for striking coupon riches?

I’ve only been at this for 3 months and it feels good to know that there is a lot of power in coupon usage. Since I’ll be living in an apartment next year instead of a dorm, my couponing will probably pick up to help save on groceries.

Also a few tips I wanted to share about Target I have learned as I frequent my shopping there…
- Price Adjustment with Coupons: I’m not sure if it’s just my Target (they are super nice), but one time I came home only to find out that I had missed $16 worth of coupons! I called my Target before I went back and they allowed me to price adjust them with the coupons at customer service. I would say if you missed more than $3 worth of coupons, then it is probably worth price adjusting the next time you go back.

- Call Ahead: It will save you time and gas. If there is a deal I know that is extremely popular, I always call ahead and ask if it is in stock. Take the Mederma cream- I planned on picking it up at another store since they ran out at my local store, so I called ahead and they informed me it was gone. I may have not saved money, but at least I save time and gas! Other stores are helpful with this sort of stuff, like Rite Aid and Walgreens. =)

- Print Coupons at Store: The three Targets I frequent (I live by a lot of Targets here in WA) each have a kiosk near customer service with a computer. What’s it for? Well I’m not sure what the other services are… but I know you can print coupons from it! =P Save your own ink by using the store’s ink!

Thank you to all the bloggers who try to help everyone save a little or a lot! =)

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