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Love, Love raspberries but so expensive. Kroger had their 6 oz clamshells on sale for 10 for $10 about a month ago. They ALWAYS sell out at that price so I get a rain check. I got a raincheck for 40 and they are normally priced at $4.99, so retail on my 40 packs was $199, I paid $40 plus tax. Been making jam all day.

Whenever Kroger has their big mega events, my store always sells out of items, usually a few days after they start the dale, this is a good time for me to go to the store, get rainchecks on stockpile items and seach clipping services to get bulk coupons. Since you have a month to use these rainchecks, I have plenty of time to get the coupons I need in the mail. This helps out alot if they have a super deal on something and I don’t have the coupons or don’t have enough. Another tip is if you’re coupons are expiring that day and they have a low quantity, I pre-pay and I wait for my items to be restocked. Did this a few months ago on some soda.

Happy Couponing and a big thanks to those KRAZY COUPON ladies!!!!

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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