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rainy day trip to Target…


It started out a nice day… as I was headed to Target, I could see the storm coming, and feel the wind… it was just starting to rain as I was going into the store. I think I could actually hear it raining outside while I was in the store.


spent 18.52, save 17.75, so almost 50%!


2 Method 8 ld laundry soaps on clearance for 2.08. Used 2 2.00/ printables. — .08 c ea!

1 ea betty crocker fruit gushers & fruit roll-ups. sale 1.93 ea. used 50/2 mq
2 kikkoman marinades 1.74 ea used 2 2.00 off printable mq. — FREE (I’m allergic, so will give these to friends or doante them)
Looked at the recipet after checking out, but before leaving the store that I had been charged for 3 of the marinades, so was able to go to cust. service, and got my money back for the 3rd one.

2 ICBINB (I can’t believe it’s not butter) 2.69 ea, plus free eggs wyb2. used 2 printable q’s for 1.25 off ICBINB. They were out of the eggs… was told that b/c the eggs are a ‘free’ item, they can’t do rainchecks for it…whatever…
=1.44 ea for the ICBINB

1 box of Trix sale 2.54, used .50/1 printable mq= 2.04
2 boxes Honey Nut Chex, marked down to 2.69, used 1.00/ 2 printable mq= 2.19 ea

1 box ea of Mt Dew Code Red & Voltage, 3.00 ea. for my husband. Would have gladly gotten more but this was all they had of the flavors my hubby likes. was told I couldn’t get a raincheck b/c a store 30 miles away has them in stock…
Not too thrilled w/ how they do rainchecks, but anywho…

Left a couple coupons on the shelf by the Aqua Fresh, so someone else could get that deal.

And saw that the Skinny Cow clusters (singles) are marked down to like .38 c ea, but I traded my S.C. coupons earlier this week, plus am allergic… but still, that’s a good deal if anyone else can do it!

Not the greatest, but also not a bad trip, especially on a rainy day!! :)

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